2017 · brenna gimler · Discipline · Foodgasm · happiness · Junk Food

Foodgasm Without Worry

Today I had Jury Duty and after they let us go I picked up my son and we headed out to do something besides sit inside the house for the rest of the day.  Since they don’t provide snacks at Jury Duty and the break was 40 minutes after I got there I didn’t think to bring a snack so I was starving when we were released.  John and I decided to eat at Red Robim (yummmmm) sorry couldn’t resist!  I had every intention of being good and eating salad, which I love but the more I stared at the burgers which are a collossal no-no in my book, the more I wanted one.  I tried staring at the fish and chips plate and said that was what I was ordering but then I began eating our appetizer which by my choice was the NachO.M.G.™ Fun and flavor, layer by layer Tortilla chips loaded with Red’s Chili Chili™, two cheeses, guac, house-pickled jalapeños, tomatoes, diced onion, salsa and sour cream.  Holy God in heaven they were amazing but probably moreso because I was so famished.  I ate them and thought that this was the beginning of a Foodgasm.  As I ate I got some of the chili and immediately…I mean IMMEDIATELY, my body screamed for more red meat! Definitely Foodgasm without a doubt!  There will be no damn discipline at this meal my friends!!  LOL it was as clear as day what I had to do.  Now I usually have to work a little harder to read signs that my body is giving me like dry elbows or a headache usually mean I need more water, eye twitches mean I’m tired, the backs of my legs pounding after a run usually means that I need new running shoes.  Today there wasn’t that much science involved.  It was very apparent what I needed and after I surpressed the Id – Ego fight that started tableside arguing that burgers were bad  / you need a burger, I politely told our waitress to order me THIS Royal Red Robin beauty right there:

Yes it’s true, I ate this work of art partly because I needed the iron I’m guessing but partly because I knew I could.  Not COULD like I had that ability to eat it, more like “I run so go ahead and order it you big whining baby! Live a little you won’t die if you eat a burger one time!”  kind of COULD.

Let me just say that this concoction with the egg on top was so amazing that I actually think I literally horked it down!  I feel like it was SO good and I enjoyed it SO VERY MUCH that perhaps I might have looked a little like the “When Harry Met Sally” scene in the diner where she fakes an orgasm (turn speakers down or off if you don’t want your co-workers wondering what you’re doing over there in your cubicle all alone!)  For those of you who may not seen it, here it is, yes this was how I felt in that Red Robin booth eating this burger….OH GOD it was good!

I’m assuming that if I even looked remotely like an embarrassment my Son either would have told me to knock it off or got up and left me in the booth.  Seeing that he didn’t tells me it was just exciting in my head and who cares anyway because it was fulfilling to eat something so wonderful without worrying that I won’t work it off with a second round of exercise on the bike later which will be totally worth it and thank God for that fact because it was just THAT GOOD!



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