Random Thoughts

There’s Something About New Running Shoes!

There’s something awesome about getting new running shoes!

Something exciting and tempting that makes you want to head out  immediately to test them out.  New clothes are one thing and a new car is close but new running shoes for me at least is almost intolerable when I have to wait 12 hours before I can pull them on and head out the door to put them to the test.  This time I’m trying out New Balance 940v2.  This took some real test laps around the store before I figured out which ones I wanted.  I know nothing about my pronation or supination or stability needs I’m sad to admit.  I still have some running growing up to do before I’m a big girl runner.  I look to see which are the prettiest, then how they feel on my feet which should not be how one chooses such an important piece of equipment but it’s how I do it.  So I tried all the ladies on and these were my favorites next to an ugly gray matte shoe with hot pink trim that felt good on my feet but were butt ugly!  I can’t do butt ugly. Then I tried on mens shoes and liked one pair but it turned out to be too narrow for me to actually think about getting them, althought they were a great charcoal grey and neon yellow combo.  These babies that I did end up purchasing (right over there…yeah right there!) seemed to have lots of room like I like but a little too much room for an instant decision so what do we do in that case?  We buy inserts and BOOM!  Problem solved!  I cannot wait to try them out tomorrow to see if they live up to my expectations.  Now my task is to hit a professional running store to have them analyze my running form etc and tell me the type of shoe that I need which will include more than just a pretty color!  It’s time that I know that anyway if I’m ever going to tackle something bigger than a half marathon.  Time to grow up and get serious baby because this is no joke and I want to be part of the real running club like my friends who seem to know more about their running style, gait, form, needs etc. that I do.  I guess I’m a little hack … but NOT FOR LONG!!!



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