Random Thoughts

Hating The Inserts

So I tried out my new shoes this morning with my new inserts.  I love the shoes and the fact that these are ladies shoes instead of mens shoes makes me happy.  I usually have to get mens shoes for the width comfort but these seemed to be fine.  The inserts however were deceiving.  They felt good walking around but the minute I started running, the soles of my feet, specifically the outside edge of the sole of my right foot started to ache.  Now, I know that’s because the insert is new and not one that I’ve used before and is good for flat feet.  Let’s just be clear on this point.  I do not think I have flat feet but my Niece who works at the store I bought the shoes at said I have flat feet.  I’ll consider that but I really don’t think they are all that flat.  So I chose the one with the foam stuff in the insert over the stability / stiffer insert.  I thought those might hurt my feet since I’m used to the ones my son gets me from his work which are all flexible.  I think I like those better but I’ll give these a few runs more before I judge them.  Maybe I do in fact have flat feet that need extra support.  Like I said yesterday, I have some running growing up to do. I only waited 6 years before actually considering some running education.  My friend Sandy would roll her eyes at me for saying that I think.  So my friend Barbara and I are going to go down to a store in Providence that actually analyzes all the stuff you should know about yourself in order to buy the right equipment.  So the jury is out on the inserts & my feet are very happy to be out of my new toys right now.


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