2017 · brenna gimler · happiness · running · Running in Pain

Some things just aren’t worth suffering over!

So just a short post script to my insert saga, the inserts are out!  I gave them to my son to try out which probably won’t work because he wears a sixze 13 shoe and well, I don’t.  So if anything they’ll bother the bottoms of his toes and he’ll take them out too.  I on the  other hand refused to do an 11 mile training run ‘adjusting’ to my inserts so I ripped them out and put in an old pair that I tucked away.  So much better not having to grimace with each step and focusing on other aspects of a long run than the pain in my feet.  So if you are struggling with something like this and trying to suck it up, don’t!  Some things are just not worth suffering over so why do it?  I’d rather run happy because that’s what running is for me even on the bad days and I’d rather keep it that way.



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