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Just Believe

I just finished reading @IronCowboyJames book “Iron Cowboy.  Redefine Impossible” at least the story part.  There’s an epilogue that discusses life after the 50 that I will read asap because I feel I need a soft landing to finishing this great story.  Now I don’t know him but after reading this story I sort of do feel like I know him a little.  Maybe it’s just a well written book that has successfully accomplished it’s intended goal of drawing the reader in.  Maybe it was just so honest and detailed about this tremendous undertaking and James Lawrence’s sheer will with all the encompassing struggles that made it near impossible to put down. To have family and friends willing to take that journey with you is amazing.  They too sacrificed so much to make sure the Cowboy was successful is a debt that can never be repaid.

As I read this amazing book I was as proud as if he were my brother as he wrote about the big finish.  The book made me cry when he finally took his last steps to complete 50 | 50 | 50 because I felt like I experienced a synopsis of what he went through and like any hero movie like Rudy or other great films, this book found me cheering in my car in the parking lot at work as I finished.  It also gave me some realizations and affirmations that I knew were there but should acknowledge so they don’t fall by the wayside.

Sometimes as a solo runner, I feel alone in my journey and experiences.  I feel like when I have a bad run I’m a poor runner with no heart and should just stop.  I wouldn’t ever stop but that’s how it feels when you’re a loner.  I’m not alone, I’m normal.  Sometimes I feel so happy when my splits are awesome and I feel great and the people immediately surrounding me don’t run, haven’t run in races or are faster and look down at you from their pedestal of faster – better –  more which just makes you feel “less than”.  I know I’m not less than,  I’m normal.  Some days when I think about doing more I feel that it’s impossible with no support staff helping me train but I realize that running alone is a choice that I am in charge of.  If I want to do more, I need to seek out the ones who will go the distance with me.  I’m not alone, I’m alone right now but do not have to be.

The chronicles depicted in this book reassure me that we are all very similar in that there will be good days, bad days, horrible days, successful days all of which will be met with some kind of emotion.  Be it smiles and tears, anger & lashing out or even motion stopping breath holding pauses where we search for the will to continue.  We all experience different versions of the same emotions as runners.  This story reminds me that anything is possible if you just believe in it and in your ability to accomplish it.  To be successful in any endeavor one needs to be resourceful, organized, determined, motivated, goal oriented, driven and of course faithful for with God all things are possible and that is a fact.  That’s it.  So in my solo world I am just solo in my immediate surroundings not within the universe.  There’s always someone having a better or worse experience than I am at any moment in time, those moments are just not connected…yet but they are connected.

If you are looking for something within yourself Read the book.

If you think you can’t, read the book.

If you wonder if your goal is accomplishable, read the book.

Believe me, you can do anything you set your mind to, all you have to do is believe…in yourself!



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