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Athlete’s Swiss Army Online Tracking Tool


You know you’re an athlete when  you cannot find one online tool for all your tracking, training, workout, calorie counting and group communication needs.  I am going crazy looking for an online tool with a mobile app that tracks everything for me instead of having one app for my workouts, one for food logging, one for group communications.  Its starting to piss me off that I can’t find something.  What the hell!

For example, Garmin Connect is good to track my workouts, heart rate, pace, allowing me to make connections, be in groups, make and track goals and participate in THEIR challenges.  What it doesn’t do is allow me to directly track my food intake (it does track weight but doesn’t base your goals on the food you eat).  It also doesn’t let me set any challenges of my own like the squat challenge I’m doing on my own right now or my push up challenge.  I can however set goals of my own as long as they fit in with a pre-determined activity type which doesn’t drill down to individual exercises or allow me to do a challenge for a certain number of days outside of 7 or 30 or on say only certain days of the week.

Map My Fitness is a good little food and weight tracker with the ability to set weight goals and will adjust your caloric intake based on that.  It does not allow you to make challenges but does track your activities which slide your caloric allowance up or down for the day.

Those are just the two I use faithfully but I hate having to use different apps.  I don’t pay for them but I would if they would do what I wanted them to.  I’ve looked at Strava and Runkeeper, the Nike app, the Lose it app and the AthlEats app and each has their benefits but none of them is the be all end all one stop shop for someone like me.  I even reached out to Garmin Connect to find out if they have any plans to make improvements to their tool.  I truly hate using multiple sites A LOT!  I’m not the person who is all over the place, I’m a self titled “oober organizational freak of nature” to be specific.  Get the point?  I am always organizing and cleaning and straightening things out so they are neat.  I can’t focus if my house is dirty and I can’t stand it when my running tracking tools are disorganized causing me more work.

Here’s how much I need things to be streamlined.  One time when I was much younger I was with a bunch of people from work at a weekend getaway for teambuilding.  We were given a task where groups of three were each challenged with getting to the top of a rope cargo net that was stretched between two trees.   The group that had the fastest time won a prize.  My group was the second group to go.  We waited 40 minutes for the first group to struggle to the top.  As I watched them I immediately formulated the plan for my group to cut the task down to the fastest way possible to get the job done.  We did it in 4 minutes and probably the record time ever.  It’s how I roll.  Problems are computed in my brain differently and I am wired to spit out the most efficient way to get it done while expending the least amount of energy.  Herein lies my problem with having to use several tools just to log and track activities, food and communicate with my running friends.

SO… I would really like it if someone would just put out a tool (paid or not) that fits all my needs so I can stop OCDing and pissing and moaning abut it like an insolent child.  I don’t think that’s too much to ask.  Do you?




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