Random Thoughts

The Common Denominator

Some runs are so good and some are so very bad and some just fool you.  Last week I ran 11 miles around my neighborhood and sadly it was horrible!  Now the thing about me is that 2-4 days before my period I am uselessly exhausted.   Everything is hard, my legs are like lead and I struggle to feel good in any way. I couldn’t even use the great day as motivation because there was just no upside to the horrible run including sun and birds and a breeze.  I can’t just not run and it won’t help to run on the treadmill because it’s not an improvement with the minor exception of the fact that the floor moves for you and you just need to keep up.   I hate when long runs or worse yet races, fall on any of these pre days and epecially hate it when I actually get my period on the day of the race.  That’s the worst!  But we make it through and do our best and go into it knowing that it won’t be a great run day.  My splits last week were rough and even had a 12 minute mile in there.   It felt bad but when I looked at the splits it wasn’t bad at all.  HOW is it that a run can feel like butt and be respectable?  I don’t know but maybe it was just one surprise run.

Now, the runs compared side by side were opposite.  Last week I ran a better first half and horrible second half.  This week I am at the end of my period and ran 12 miles with a much better second half despite the fact that it felt horrible.  My legs swelled to the point where James could see the swelling around my knees.  My hip joints were protesting a little about the long repetitive movement but not badly enough to make me cry or stop thankfully.  The heat felt so intense almost magnified despite being on the water where I thought it would be cool. We stop every mile and I hate to admit that because it makes me feel like a loser cheater runner but no one actually cares but me so we stop, especially in the summer heat.  It wasn’t as nice as I hoped but the scenery was way better than home and I had my wingman James with me so it was a good hard run.  So I got home feeling physically better than last week which literally put me out for the rest of the day but remember I was due fo my period two days later and usually am exhausted without running a step.  As soon as I sat in the car today for a moment I was recovering already.  We stopped at Cumbies and got iced coffee with flavoring because that was my treat for finishing 12 miles!  WOOO!  I also ate a banana and by the time I got home I felt really good.

So two different days expecting to see some rough numbers but surprisingly they all hovered around 10 minute miles which is where I try to keep my long runs.  I struggle to figure out why, but the common denominator that it all points to is all the biking and strength training that I’m doing which my mind doesn’t like to give me credit for.  I’ll just keep that up for good measure and keep on running!  I may not be the fastest or best or skiniest or most amaing but I can not ever say I didn’t try hard to have the best run I can every time.

Struggle through the bad runs enjoy the good ones and try to make every run count no matter what.  You might just be surprised!



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