2017 · Attitude · brenna gimler · Finishers Medal


Why would someone throw away a racing finishers medal?  I’m really asking a question here because it perplexes me about why someone would run a race and then toss their prize!  This one, perhaps just for me, was challenging with what felt like an all ascent first half in the heat and humidity.  I felt like it was tough and around mile 8 I felt like quitting.  I find around mile 7 or 8 in most half marathons that I start getting tired and somewhere around 10-11 I’m looking forward to the finish.  Now, this race was not my best time.  I came in at 2:17:43 and my best half was completed in 1:57 and change.  Given the weather and the swelling in my legs from the get go, it was a respectable time.  I’m not competing against anyone so it’s just a matter of remembering the situation.  Anyway, it seemed like the longest race ever and I was happy to finish.  Never happier to stop for good and to hold what I feel is an achievement medal.  I struggled and feel like I earned it.  So on my way home I got behind someone stopped at the exit who was throwing away what I thought was trash.  Turns out it was his medal.  I saw him pick the bib out of the trash and keep that which is weird.  Anyway as they drove off a guy walking next to that full trash with the medal on top picked it up and shrugged as if to say “what the hell are you doing guy!”.  This is the same thing I was thinking and if fact I said to that guy who put it back in the trash, you should keep it for yourself!  Why do people do these things?  I’ll never know but I feel like if they ran out of medals, that guy ought to be held accountable for wasting one.  Gheesh!  Anyway, I’m very proud of mine and I’m keeping it.  It is for this reason that I just don’t understand why someone would throw it away.  Even if it’s your worst race you ever ran, you still earned it!  It kind of made me mad to see that but Se La Vie guy!  This medal was a honking medal not some cheapo flimsy gold painted plastic thing.  LOOK AT IT!!!  It was heavy and huge!  Whatever!  I’m keeping mine and I hope you regret throwing yours away dude.  I can’t imagine why or what made you do it or what it takes for you to keep one for that matter.  Who cares!  I have mine and that’s all that matters.



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