Random Thoughts

Shame On Me!

Last night my daughter, who is struggling to get into a regular fitness routine, came to me to ask if I wanted to go running with her.  The last time we ran it was super slow for me but I knew that going into it.  Do you know what I did when she asked me?  In a round about but direct kind of way I basically told her she had to run faster and I’d run a little slower and see how she did.  Now, I do believe that she has many excuses as a safety net but the girl does not run.  For a while she was running a mile regularly but school got in the way and work got in the way and her life was busy.  Now she could have made a better effort to find time but I shouldn’t judge because at one point I wasn’t working out at all so who the hell am I?  She came to me so I would get her out to run and I basically made it sound too hard and she made other plans which may or may not happen.  Shame on me!  What the hell!  I sit here day after day saying how much I like helping people and my child came to me for help and I basically acted like a snob who didn’t want to slow her legs down.  Why?  I don’t have a race for weeks and it’s only 7 miles at that.  I’m not competing with anyone and no one in the world cares if I run slow on any given day.  Also, let’s face it.  My body and all it’s leggy cellulite isn’t going to get worse or even better for that matter if I run slower for any reason.  What was I thinking acting like that and turning her away.  I tried to get her up this morning but she turned over and kept sleeping.  I deserve that.  I clearly need to keep a better mindset for helping people especially those looking for my help.  I need to remember that I’m just a 48 year old woman and nothing outstanding or spectacular.  I’m not a celebrity and no one cares about what I do and when and even if.  I’m not even training for a goal time for The Falmouth Road Race really.  I mean I want to beat my 1:18:15 from last year but I really don’t care if I don’t because it’s the fun of the weekend I’m really looking forward to.

So to those of you who may be getting a little too big for your britches like I was last night,  keep my stupidity in mind.  When someone comes to you for help, unless you’re training to win the Boston Marathon or compete in the Olympics, help them.  a 3 mile run is still a 3 mile run whether you do it in 30 minutes or 40.  It still counts.  Don’t be a D-Brenna! (that’s douchebad Brenna)



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