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Good To Know!

So Friday I decided to take a vacation day and go to the beach with my running friend.  Yes, those are actually my feet over there.  I could not sit at my desk not one minute so I used a vaca day and called my friend who I knew was headed there and pretty much invited myself along.  So happy I did because it was rejuvenating to be near the water with my toes in the sand and smelling like sunblock with yummy food in the cooler.  What could be better!  So you may be asking what the hell my day off has to do with running, well I’ll tell you.  I used sunscreen all day.  Lubed up more than I ever do just so I wouldn’t burn.  So there we layed, and then we walked up one side of the beach, came back ate and then walked the other side of the beach.  All in all we were in the sun about 6 hours.  I did drink water and Powerade but clearly not enough as I was to find out on Saturday.  Saturday’s run was horrifically difficult.  My legs were swelling and hard to get going.  My breathing was a bit labored and it was like running in mud or like the days before I get my period where I’m just made of lead.  I feel pretty positive that it was because I was dehydrated.  long storty short, I will have to do a better job at drinking water if I plan on being at the beach or even just in the sun .  So, note to yourself, always hydrate no matter what.



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