Random Thoughts

It’s True!

So I can now confirm to you that Mace does indeed sting and burn.   No, I did not spray myself with it ON PURPOSE.  I got up today to go for a run and it was dark and kind of gloomy because it’s going to rain.  I thought a dark morning at 5am warranted my taking my mace with me just incase even though I don’t believe anything bad would happen on the route I’ve run 52,000 times before but one never knows.  So I was putting my mace in my pants waist pocket (didn’t take the holder because it pulls my pants down) and hit the trigger by mistake.  Out through my pants came this stream of brown smelly stuff.  I knew it was brown because I’ve sprayed it just to see what kind of stream and smell it had.  So now it’s dripping down my server which I clean up and off I go.  About a quarter mile in I feel this burning right where the mace is.  This confirms for me that I feel safer knowing that I carry the stuff that gave me this blotch when I’m running alone.  So the lesson here is don’t dispense Mace in your pants and if that does happen, wash it off and wet down your pants which I didn’t do, to rinse out the liquid so it doesn’t irritate your skin.  If you don’t have mace, get it because it really will work.  Always run safe.



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