Random Thoughts

Hitting Goals

I’ve run the same 3 miles as one of my short routes for 6 years.  I know the road and the houses and the sounds of the outside, the highway running paralell to my neighborhood as well.  Today I did something that I have’t done in a really long time.  Three years to be exact.  I ran 100 miles in July, actually 101.01 which is funny in a binary kind of way.  It felt great to hit a big goal and is, as always, super motivational for more goal achievements.  It’s funny how knowing that you’re about to hit that goal seems to make it easier or more exciting at least.  I am proud that I am able to do this and work out and be strong and healthy at my own pace.  Today is a great day just because I did it because sometimes it’s merely about doing something just because you can.  That’s what this was really about. Finding out if I could still do it, making the time work for me to fit it in and being dedicated in my determination to not shave miles off.  I didn’t quit, shave miles off or accept a DNF.  I kept my mind focused and my feet moving.  As it got closer I knew I would make it happen and made sure that I did.  Today is supposed to be an off day but being 2.02 miles shy of a goal like that was the reason I strapped on my shoes today and headed out to finish it off.  You can do anything you set your mind to.  I wonder what I’ll do next.



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