Random Thoughts

The Strangers In The Road

There are a lot of runners out there who hate dealing with people who aren’t runners who ask them if they are going to run a marathon.  In fact I have read and heard many say how much it bothers them when it happens.  Me, I think it’s hilarious and I find it hugely amusing when someone asks me that question.  I know the answer right now is no, however, the answer next  year is more than likely either possibly or working on it.  I feel like I know that I will but right now 13.1 is at the top of my capabilities but 15 is on my mind so 26.2 isn’t far away.  I saw a little odd couple, strangers to me walking in the road today as I ran about a half mile from completing my 3 mile morning run .  They were an interracial “couple” who could be just friends that were walking together in kind of a wonky way weaving back and forth from one side of the street to the other.  I can’t see like I used to so I patted my Mace not knowing who they were or what age or what their intention was.  I don’t usually see them but that’s why I carry mace.  As I got closer I thought the woman had special needs because she was swinging her arms all over the place.  I realized the closer I got that she was waving the gnats away.  They don’t bother me because I’m running and they can’t keep up!  LOL.  These people, strangers as they were, were harmless.  As I approached I said to them “if you run, they won’t bother you”  like I had any business even supposing on them that they should run (although it didn’t come out like that).  I flashed a big smile at them to show that I was happy and non threatening as if I could even look like that.  I guess it’s possible since I wear a bandana on my head that sort of says “I’m tough don’t mess with me”.  The man was a cute little black man who still had as much get up and go as his aging body could muster.  He was happy and just enjoying his walk with his lady friend.  As I ran past the he yelled out and asked me if I was training for the marathon.  THE MARATHON like there was only one, but to him it was a generic statement about the effort.  I told him that right now I only do half’s and ran on my way but it gave me pause to think about why he would think that.  Maybe simply because I’m running.  Do I look like a Marathoner if there is a “Look” to any single person who does run one.  I certianly am not lanky like a stereotypical marathoner might look but in his mind perhaps there is no “look” to someone undertaking and training for such an event.  I smiled because I let myself believe that he believed I could run one.  I’m sure I can and I’m sure I most likely will.  For a moment I felt famous and super athletic and a lot like Rocky with the neighborhood kids who admired him who ran with him.  Maybe my imagination got away from me but for a moment it was fun to wear an imaginary iconic coat of notoriety for the strangers in the road.



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