Random Thoughts

Knowing When NOT To Tempt Fate

Common sense is a really important thing to have especially when it comes to fitness.  Sometimes I’m impulsive in trying new workouts but usually never get hurt.  I’m smart enough to workout smart and dedicated enough to plan the new stuff in appropriately on most given days.  Today, for the second day in a row, had no desire to run first thing at 5am.  I bargained with myself for a post work workout and went to work actually on time.  Most days although I don’t have an official start time, I should try to be there at 8am.  When I work out I get there between 8 and 8:15 most days.  Anyway, I just didn’t feel like running this morning.  I did however, pack my gym bag because I thought I would hit the gym instead of working out at home.  That was a great idea until I started planning to use the squat rack.  *insert record scratch here*  I told myself that this plan was not a good idea and that I should not go to the gym at all to avoid the temptation that I might actually ignore my own advice and do it anyway.  I have seen fate tempted before and it usually doesn’t end up in the favor of the tempter.  I know that if I go to the gym and use the squat rack that I am going to get hurt or be so sore that my race on Sunday will suck.  Conceding this would be a bad idea, I put my gym bag on my bed and went to work.  I don’t need to tempt fate today, however, I will start the squat rack next week in addition to other free weight machines to see how it goes.  Happiness is knowing when you shouldn’t do something and actually listening to your own advice.  On to Falmouth on Sunday!



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