Random Thoughts

Waiting For The UPS Truck Is Worse Than Waiting For Christmas Morning!

I see that my new impulse Sparkle Skirt purchase is out for delivery today.  It’s worse than when I was a kid waiting for the hour when I could get out of bed to see what Santa left me!  I can’t stand waiting!  As 5:00 creeps up, actually 4:00 since I am leaving at 4pm, I am now freaking out a little bit that it won’t be here in time for me to get it.  It’s awful!  The anticipation of having a new fresh unworn skirt to this years race is killing me!  When will it be here *  track it again to see if the status has changed *  Walk up front to see if it’s here and no one told me * Repeat.  I’m driving myself crazy!  Apparently I’m only getting old on the outside because underneath all this finely aged beauty (insert vomit sound here) I’m jumping out of my pants screaming “when will it be here!”  What if it doesn’t get her on time?? That will suck because they will either try to deliver it tomorrow between 9-12 in which case I might be able to pick it up on my way to pick up my running partner for the race.  If not then sadly I will be forced to wait until after the big day to get a look at her and take her for a spin.  Heinz 57 wasn’t kidding in their commercial that sang “Anticipa-ay-shun is making me wait!”  Here’s to hoping I’ll get my package soon and move along to an unfettered racing weekend.



As a side note…UPS showed up at 4:00 LOL  Talk about perfect timing!


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