Random Thoughts

Life is Good

Fall is here.  The season for layers and long sleeves, lights for morning runs and clouds of smoke that come out like some demon horse from a horror flick.  The air is cool and wakes up the goosebumps from head to toe the moment I step outside the door.  Not a soul in sight down either street I could choose to begin this morning run.  I feel a little stealth without my headlight.  I didn’t even look for it today even though I should have had it.  I’m still in Summer mode where you don’t need layers or lights.  The air is what keeps me moving not only so I can warm up asap but also so I can get back inside in the shortest amount of time.  I feel really good today in terms of my legs holding me up and pulling me along.  Today I am not struggling to breathe like yesterday’s lunch run.  Cold air feels good in my lungs and drives out a night of sleepy air.  I can feel yesterday’s Tabata squats high in my thigh, just outside my groin.  I guess I did a good job with them because that’s right where I was targeting.  I have to work on legs and abs and hills for my November race that starts with 4 miles of a 700 foot elevation gain.  Not walking even if it means just jogging.  Getting up those first four miles will deserve a medal in and of itself so I’m down to give it as much as I can without selling out everything I have.  I’ll have another 6 miles to do following that so I have to keep something in the tank.  So crunches and squats and weighted twists are the plan until then.  As I head along thinking about my running friends and the hill repeats we’ll be doing to prepare, I see a few people headed to work and one walking his dogs but not many more than those few.  I see the creepy guy in the silver pickup truck who insists on parking in the lot to the elementary school every day before 6.  I don’t know if he is homeless and is sleeping there hoping to avoid getting kicked out but why doesn’t he park at Shaws or Walmart?  Why the elementary school?  It’s wierd to me and I stare him down every single day I run by hoping that the next morning he’ll not be there.  Who is he and why is he there.  It’s probably nothing except me being creeped out in the early dawn hours.  I never see him exit his truck but I always am super alert just in case.  He’s not close enough to me for me to have to cross the road.  Just the fact that he’s there is a little bothersome.  As always my last mile of 3 is my best and happiest because I feel all warmed up and I’m almost done.  I feel strong and happy and fierce knowing that I’ve accomplished more already than many do all day.  Now my day can begin because I’ve settled my thoughts, worked out the night from my joints and said a silent thank you to the Lord for all that I am lucky enough to have and be able to do each and every day.  Life is Good!


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