Random Thoughts

Smacking 2016 in the Face!

Today I officially surpassed last years total miles!  I know many people probably do it, and at some point I am sure last year I ssurpassed 2015 so this is probably not as big a deal as I feel like it is.  I am supposed to be off from running since it’s Monday and on Monday’s I do strength training to give my legs a break.  I was too close not to kill it off today.  Exactly .08 miles from goal which I just should have done yesterday but whatever….spread the wealth around I suppose.  So I headed out at lunch for this milestone which was the most motivated and excited for a lunch run that I’ve been in a while.  All depends on what the outcome is I would imagine.  I felt like a superstar running along being the only one out there that knew what I was about to do.  I contemplated doing the happy dance right there on the side of the road but decided against it.  LOL that would have been so funny!  So onward to the next 2017 goal which I’ll have to chronicle in my next blog since this achievement deserves it’s own moment to shine.  Boo Yah!



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