Random Thoughts


Today for the first time ever I ran hills on purpose.  I run them when they are on my routes and I know when I’m running them so I guess I plan on running them every week but every week I don’t repeat them unless they are on my route back.  I started my hill training for November’s Vermont innaugural 10 mile race.  That race is straight uphill for 4 miles.  The hills I ran today are comparable in incline to what I’ll be dealing with there.  My two month plan is to eat hills until November for all my long runs… gonna get boring in terms of scenery but I need to do the hills.  Squats are also on my plan.  Flat ones, one legged lunges, raised leg angled squats and a ton of core core core.  Between these two initiatives and maybe a bunch of Pound! classes and maybe some spin stuck in there for good measure I think it might just get me ready for such a big challenge.  I have no intentions of walking these hills unless I absolutely have to.  I could but the fact is that I don’t want to because I signed up for this race as a challenge to myself.  I knew it would be hard and wanted to take it on for that reason.  The bonus here, the thing that is going to make this all a great experience is that my friends signed up to run it with me.  

So I purposely ran the two biggest hills (almost 100 ft inclines over 1 mile and .63 mile) in my town.  Over and over again it got progressively harder on each incline run.  I feel like the homeowners were all wondering what the hell I was doing but more than likely no one noticed me.  I did it 3 times and then decided it was all I cared to do today.  I only needed to run 7 miles today and I ended up with 7.36 total for the day.  I feel really accomplished running hills.  I ran the entire way even when I was running slowly on the third time up.  There’s something so affirming about not only running a long way but purposely tackling hills all before noon or at all for that matter.  I hate hills but I will just say that I hate them less with all the core I do.  I couldn’t say it enough about how much easier it is with a strong core.  I wouldn’t have bought that two years ago but I’m a believer now.   So for now it’s hills / core | hills / core  | hills / core and some other fun stuff thrown in there for good measure.  Now if I can just stay away from the amount of junk that I have had lately it would be good!



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