Random Thoughts

A Lesson From a Dead Doe

This morning I got a little reminder about why i need to look up instead of down as I’m running.  It was beautiful out this morning just really windy so there were branches in the street I needed to maneuver around and over.  Looking down as I run is nothing new for me because when I run that’s mostly where I am looking.  I do this because it’s like watching fish for me.  It’s calming and easier to look down than to look ahead to see how far I have to go except during fantastic races like Falmouth.  I was dodging puddles and branches that were in the road and thinking about how happy I was to be out there first thing again.  I stopped at mile 1 to stretch since my legs were a little heavy today and mile 1 is always kind of crappy.  Once you get past it it’s fine.  Just into mile 2 my peripheral vision to the front of me caught something that caused me to look up out of rhythm and what I saw actually scared me a little.  It was a dead Doe laying in the road.  It must have been hit overnight but it was definitely in the next life leaving only it’s beautiful golden colored shell behind.  At first I jumped over it so I didn’t step on it because I was that close before I saw it.  Remember it was dark out so clarity doesn’t come at that hour until you’re practically on top of whatever it is. I feared for a split second that it was still alive and would bite me for being too close to it but it was definitely not alive.   Then I hoped I hadn’t stepped in the puddle of blood that was next to it and then I thought about who I should call to get it out of the street so the kids that walk to school that way wouldn’t touch it.  I’ve never been that close to a deer that wasn’t at the zoo because they run away when they see people.  It was a little humbling to pass over it.  If I had been looking up I guess I would have been on the other side of the road but l am a little glad I wasn’t.  Feeling things that humble you is good.  Being close to God’s creature alive or not, reminds me that life is unpredictable but wonderfully amazing.  Circle of life has no corners of expected turns and events, just one long journey that we must traverse as happily and open mindedly and faithfully as possible.  I felt sad for any babies that might be missing their mother now or maybe a Buck that now is without a mate.  Today’s early event is a second consecutive day that reminds me to be happy to be alive and able to run.  I’m not sure if there is a bigger lesson in there somewhere that is coming down the road to me or if I’m getting a lesson that needs to be applied to something that I’m doing / feeling in my daily life right now.  I believe lessons are delivered through signs and happenings when needed and it’s our job to  figure out what they are, mean and apply them to our daily lives.  Maybe my lesson is just that life is fleeting or maybe i need to look up to what’s coming.  Something that needs more thought for sure but for today I’ll just be happy and thank that dead Doe for her lesson to me through her sacrifice.



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