2017 · accountability · Attitude · Bad Habits · brenna gimler

Dear Bathroom Scale…

Dear Bathroom scale…Fuck You!

  1. I hate you!
  2. You are a big liar!
  3. I’m very unhappy with our current discussions!
  4. Why can’t you lie in my favor?
  5. I think you need an adjustment!

Now that that is out of the way, I feel better.  Welcome to the Bathroom scale bashing episode.  Not really, it’s more like the “Take responsibility for your lack of self control asshole” episode.  So, what happens when you get happier in your life?  What happens when you find some complacency in rest days?  What happens when you get lazy and go back to sampling everything, taking bites out of this and that and having buttered popcorn and ice cream or DQ often?  You gain 7 lbs!  That’s what!  Ok, maybe it’s just more like 4 but it feels like 10.  Not so long ago, before I began going on break with the ladies at work and when I was religiously faithful to a calorie count I was hovering around 163 / 162 for a long time and now I’m nearly 168 and not happy about it!  If you think you can just count calories in your head accurately or keep portions to the right amount, perhaps you can but I sadly cannot.

So there will be some changes made immediately!  First, I got my new Speedo, bathing cap and goggles so this fatty will be getting in the water asafp and doing laps until I feel like I’m going to die.  Second, I need to stop effing snacking!  I actually go on break with the ladies at work and we eat.  There’s no need to eat on break other than I am just following the crowd.  It’s not even like I’m just having one snack, OH NO!  I’m eating 1.5 containers of yogurt with about 3x the servings of granola mixed in with a banana chaser.  Something big like that with extra calories isn’t really called for especially when I need to lug my bag-full-of-rocks ass up a huge hill in November.  Uuuggghhh!  So there are those changes.  I’m also trying to up my water intake and lower the coffee that I consume from two cups a day to one.  Last night I was laying in bed and actually hungry at 10:30.  I got up and got a handful of crackers which probably wasn’t ideal but it was an easy reach, easily digestible and did  the trick.  Crackers are another thing I’ve had far too much of lately.  Bread, although it is my weakness, is my enemy too.  Bread pounds find me like a kid finds the hidden chocolate. I’ve also stopped recording everything I eat in the My Fitness Pal app.  That is where it all went wrong because if I am not held accountable for everything I’m shoving in my pie hole then how can I watch what I’m eating other than watching it go in?!  I started logging again yesterday and I think that will help.  Weigh ins on the same day every week and not every day will also be useful and keep me on the straight and narrow.  The goal is to dump 10-15 lbs by November if possible and I’m going to do my damdest to make it so.  All you need in this world is the “want to” and you can do it.  So long story short is that I need to quit snacking, start logging and up the workout routine to include some new and different things outside of what I’m already doing.  Here goes, stay tuned!



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