Random Thoughts

Blowing Off The Long Run

So for the first time ever I blew off a long run right in the middle of training.   Why?  Because I have spent the last 3 days sick.  Sick like really sore throat and wicked achy back.  It wasn’t like flu sick as much as it was what we are referring to in my house as The URI Plaugue.  My son came home a week ago and wasn’t feeling great and systematically one by one we all got sick.  Just easy to blame the college kid who isn’t here lol.  So Friday I worked a golf tournament for my work and everything was totally fine until I actually sat down and wasn’t “ON”.  The minute that happened my head started aching and my throat was throbbing and one hour at a time I went down hill and fast.  I did nothing Friday night, Saturday I did what I had to but did a lot of sitting around and yesterday although I felt better I decided not to run 9 miles in 43 degrees and not while my throat probably was on the cusp of either getting worse with a cold morning run or better by staying inside all day.  I decided that staying in and resting and making up for it with a hard weeks work would be better than being out sick from work today and having to take another few days off to recover from a stupid moment.  I am one who has a hard time not running not so much on regular running days because I can just switch those out pretty readily.  It’s more the long running days where you don’t really have the time during the week to make it up that I struggle to give up.  I’ve never done it but yesterday I knew I needed to.  I could have gone to the gym and done my 9 miles but instead chose to stay inside and do projects that allowed my body to be mostly still.  Boy did I get a ton of shit done!  That made me happy and it made my body happy too so it’s a win win.  Will I suffer for not running 9?  Maybe on Sunday when I have to run 10 without having run long in 2 weeks, perhaps but I’ve been running for 6 years so I think I’ll be ok.  Sometimes we need to do the right thing for the better result in the long run and that is just what I did.  Smart running.



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