Random Thoughts


Sacrificing.  That’s what the name of the game some days which this week qualifies as.  You see, I should have gone for a run Tuesday.  Yeah, how did that work out for me?   It didn’t because

I sat all night doing a report for work so I could stay on top of things.  The beginning of the month is a hurricane of work because I took on some new responsibilities and the first week of the month is crazy getting the new stuff organized for the month.  I didn’t run and that was a sacrifice and it was ok.  I ran Wed morning and wanted to do Tabata last night but again I was working on the same report but finishing it up so now that’s made way for otherthings.  So again, last night was a sacrifice that I wasn’t really happy that I made but happy because today I am ahead.  This morning I was definitely going to do that Tabata because I struggle to get it in anyway,  but sometimes certain priorities trump a workout and yet again I did not get Tabata in.  I’m ok with it because I’ll go for a run at lunch and if I’m lucky actually get Tabata in tonight.  That’s the plan but we’ll see how it all works out.  I don’t mind sacrificing my workouts for good reasons or sometimes to make my life easier or just because I need it.  I don’t like doing it a lot so this week where I’ve had to switch gears a lot bugs me.  It bugs me that it’s been a week since I did strength training but I’ve been sick since Friday so I guess that makes it ok.  Clearly I feel better because I’m complaining about it now.  Every week won’t be perfect.  What matters is that we get back on track as soon as we possibly can and keep going.


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