Random Thoughts

New Respect

Last night I started running with a mouthguard.  It was so hard!  This VT hill is freaking me out in terms of preparing myself.  I want to do as much as I can to ready my legs, my lungs and my head for the challenge.

I can feel my lungs and my throat burning a little from struggling to breathe and I have a whole new respect for my kids who we made wear mouth guards for every sport.  I especially respect my sons who played football and one who wrestles who wear them.  Holy God I looked like Hooch from the Tom Hanks movie “Turner & Hooch” as I ran down the street.  Spit flying everywhere.  Drool dripping down my chin. my nose was running and overall I looked like a hot mess!  It wasn’t pretty but it was all for a good cause.  I hope this is worth it because the double takes I got running down the road from people in their driveways and those driving by me were priceless.  I was like a circus side show.  One guy that I know, whom I saw when I stopped the second time after mile 2 as I was gasping for air, asked me if I was ok.  From across the road it was like a deaf convention because all I could do was nod my head and mouth the words “mouthguard”, hold it up for him to see, then I mouthed “tired” and he understood what was going on.  It didn’t prevent him from looking like he was wondering why the hell would anyone run with a mouthguard especially someone my age.  I could tell that’s what was going through his mind but no matter, it was just one of say 8 or so quizzical looks I got as I ran down the road.  Mile 3 was so much better because I got better at holding that stupid pink nightmare in my mouth with minimal spittle flying out or dripping down my face.  I got better at air intake and exhalation which is exactly what I wanted.  So I guess it worked!  we’ll see what the next few weeks brings.  Maybe I’ll just tell people it’s Breast Cancer Awareness month (which it is) and say it’s my way of supporting the cause…..  until next time…



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