Random Thoughts

Working Toward The Invisible Goal

Last night I had a half hearted effort at the gym.  I wasn’t all mentally there so I spent about an hour or just under milling around with less enthusiasm than I would have liked.  I was feeling old and fat which just comes along when it gets be near that time of the month.  Anyway I was going to just do Tabata but decided if the pregnant lady could be conquoring the stairmaster, I was going to do some kind of hill workout on the DM.  I started off jogging at an elevation of I think 4 and every .10 of a mile I increased it by 1.  When the mile was done I was at a 14 incline and huffing a bit.  I felt good however and I kept it to a mile because it wasn’t really a run day but I wanted to do some kind of hill work.  I didn’t think I needed to run as long as I was working harder than a walk and my heartrate was up.  I felt accomplished like I had done myself some good in the race prep area…specifically the VT race area.  I wish i were working to an actual goal for this race like a 9 minute mile or being able to do 100 squats in a minute or something that  I could actually say I had reached.  This invisible goal stuff is not my thing.  It’s like catching air with a strainer.  I can’t measure it so I don’t know IF I’m on track, just that I’m making efforts to be fitter than I am right now and capable of getting up that hill.  It’s not even just a matter of getting myself ready to get up that hill, it’s getting up the hill and then continuing on for another 6 miles.  How in the world do I guage readiness for a goal I can’t really put my fingers on?  All I can do is keep working and stay focused.  Sometimes goals aren’t black and white, they are just a concept that you have to achieve in your mind.



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