Random Thoughts

I AM a Bad Ass B!!

So today my friends and I took in a training run that included a hill.   No, it wasn’t just a hill, it was a HILL!!!!  Over 1/3 of a mile this hill climbs from -16 ft to 148 ft!  it’s so steep that you actually can’t run up it, you have to prance slowly up it.  I was taking the tiniest steps to get up that effing hill like I was running in molassas.  It was so steep that my breath was ragged way in the back of my throat and my heartrate was at 169 bpm when it is usually between 140 – 150 on an average run for me.  It was good for me to do this struggle because the hill I did today just about mirrors the elevation gain of the VT hill that starts our race.  It was just hard but I ran that whole hill without stopping once.  I wasn’t going fast but I wasn’t willing to stop.  I needed to get to the top with all my effort as a matter of principal to myself.  I pretty much swore the entire way up that 1/3 mile in my head.  I knew it was going to be hard and I had to get up that mother no matter what because VT is 4 miles of that and I refuse to walk it.  I may stop every mile but that will be the plan not the contingency plan.  If VT is as tough as I think it’s going to be then I need to go into it with scheduled rests built into my plan so I don’t die at mile 4.  One of the ladies we ran with today is a self proclaimed whiner.  Instead of just training and planning to work hard today and to conquor that MF hill, she got shin splints because she hasn’t prepared well and she quit before even trying to get up the hill we came to conquor.

She QUIT!  That makes me so mad.  I might not be in the best condition I could be especially since I’ve laid off the core and Tabata the last two weeks but I didn’t quit!  My friend Barbara didn’t quit!  She ran that hill the best that she could and she did with me NOT ONCE but twice!  I’m so proud of her for not quitting!  My other friend has a hurt foot but she knows what she’s in for and she is still training for it and going into it with a plan for how to get through it.  She won’t quit either because she is a Bad Ass B! and we may not be first but we give it our all every time.  Trudging up that hill felt like mountain climbing especially on the last 30 feet  from the top.  It felt like the Red Bull 400 (pictured here) because as I plowed up the hill I just kept telling myself that I could do this.  One foot in front of the other I could do this. Gravity was against me, egging me in the other direction.  Begging me to give into the vacuum that seemed to be sucking me to the bottom of that hill.   L-R assessment, L-R assessment all the way up sounded like “1-2 I’m ok.  1-2 I’m ok” over and over again.  I just kept reminding myself that I wasn’t broken, I’m not dying and with every ragged breath that was burning my lungs with every heavy slow step I became stronger.  I became tougher.  I became the winner of my little Sunday afternoon challenge.  When I was at the top I was so happy to stop and I turned around to cheer Barbara up that mofo hill too!  We did it and we did it together which is what Bad Ass B’s do.  We challenge eachother.  We stick by eachother.  We hold eachother accountable when we’re not doing our best and we pick eachother up when we don’t have anything in the tank or when we struggle.  I love my B’s because they keep it real for me and keep me centered in many ways.   They come and run dumb races with me because they too are crazy but we’re all crazy together so bring on any challenge because I’m a Bad Ass B! and I can do it and so can they!









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