Random Thoughts

What Doesn’t Kill You….

Tonight I finally got my chubby girl ass in the swimming pool.  If you haven’t seen Real Blunt Blonde, check her out on YouTube because she’s fricken hilarious even with her potty mouth but her potty mouth is part of what makes her …well her!  So anyway, tonight I donned my slightly snug Speedo one piece swim suit that at the moment kind of squishes my hips out the leg holes like toothpaste but whatever, and I went to the gym and plopped my butt in the pool.  The last time I felt all brave and went to the pool I got about 8 half laps done and I was done.  I was so tired and out of shape that it was all I could do.  Tonight however, I’ve got two or so years better fitness under my belt, more races, a weight routine, spinning and eating well that has built a better foundational me to work with.  My goal was to do 10 ful laps if I could, figuring that the last time I could only do 8 so 10 would be an improvement.  I got to 10 and pushed to 12, 13 then 15 and then it was all out war with myself to hit 20.  I mean what the hell could it hurt.

Underwater shot of female athlete swimming in pool. Young woman swimming the front crawl style in a pool.

I already felt like some jerk in my squeezy suit with my stupid bathing cap and rediculous goggles so why not give the parents waiting for their kids to finish swim lessons something else to watch.  I mean I am mostly kidding about how I looked…probably not as bad as I say but I wasn’t really quite comfortable in my get up yet.  This picture is NOT ME btw  LOL.  I pushed through and did it!   I finished 20 full laps in that pool and felt like Wonder Woman.  I am most impressed by how I felt when I was done.  I wasn’t struggling to get out of the pool.  I didn’t have that burning lung sensation and wasn’t craving water or air for that matter.  I felt good and that is what I feel best about tonight.  I felt good and worked it good. I feel like I might have made myself stronger which is my goal between now and November 5th when I have to climb that MOFO hill in the VT Innaugural 10 miler.  Gotta work it hard to ready myself so it’s now in high gear training.  I’m focused and ready to take on just about anything that will strengthen my lungs, legs and core.  Swimming has been on my list for like 3 weeks and I hadn’t worked it in until today.  It’s been a good day …I swam a half mile….A HALF MILE!!!  Hats off to my friends who do Ironman races because that’s 2.4 miles and an amazing accomplishment I think.  So I’m proud of me today and look forward to making myself even stronger tomorrow in Spin class.  Until tomorrow…..



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