Random Thoughts

Age & Experience Matter

So last night I got a face full of reality.  I convinced my friend who doesn’t workout regularly any longer to come to spin class.  I figured if I could do it she could.  She said she had taken a spin class before so I assumed she was prepared for the task at hand.  She brought her daughter who is all of almost 18 and has the world at her hands.  I gave them the run down of the instructor who actually wasn’t the instructor for the class come to find out.  I showed them how to manage the bike settings and the seat and handlebars settings.  I told them to do what they felt they could and that no one else would care where they were on the dial because it’s dark and we’re all struggling to just get through it ourselves.  So we embarked on what I had hoped would be the catalyst to them joining and some gym friends going forward.  This was not to be.  My friend had to leave class 15 minutes into the session.  It was hot in the room but heat combined with the bike and not working out very much made for a disasterous end to the class for her.  She had to leave class, remove her shoes to cool off and go outside and lay in the cold air on cold cement to cool off her body.  I left class a few minutes after her to make sure she was ok and then returned to class.  Her daughter finished with me but it was a good reminder that just because I can do something fairly easily meaning without DNF-ing, doesn’t mean that someone else can.  I’m in better condition to a spin class and probably have now pushed back her intentions of joining the gym or getting in better shape, back a bit.  She and I are very different people.  I’m a pig headded Ukrainian who will trudge through the fires of hell to reach a goal and my friend is more the type who lets setbacks be more discouraging than they should be.  I used to be that person a long time ago.  So long ago in fact it feels like I’m talking about someone else and in a way I guess I am.  I don’t make excuses, I don’t let defeating moments define my path and I don’t quit.  My friend is someone who, if motivated by someone or something, will go gangbusters all in but she needs to find it again.  I need to remember that just because I can do something doesn’t make it easy and saying “you can do it’ is all relative to the baggage someone is carrying.  Everyone can’t do everything and everyone doesn’t want to do everything.  All I can do is try and remember that age and experience are key to inviting the world to join me on this crazy fitness path I’m on.  You can’t go around inviting people to things blindly without a little thought to whether or not they can really do it….  Sometimes the “CAN” is actually a mental hurdle they need to leap and not so much a physical limitation.  Anyway, my lesson is learned but keep in mind that at some level it’s up to the person trying it to make the ultimate call on whether or not they can.   For now, I’ll still keep inviting.




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