Random Thoughts

That’s What Friends Are For!

So I must be a glutton for punishment AND a really pushy friend!  Not only was I bold enough to ask my friend to re-run Presidents Ave with me AND do that in conjunction with a 12 mile run….I made her go up that effing hill 2x!  At least I ran it once first so it didn’t seem like I was such a selfish friend!  LOL!  My ass is kicked right now.  My knees are creaky, hips are a little sore and until I got my shoes off, my feet were on absolute fire!  That’s probably the happiest I’ve been to take my damn sneakers off after a run.  It was a long and challenging run but we did it and we did it together.  Sometimes I was helping her to stay the course and finish what I signed her up for and other times she was helping me maintain my pace through a very hilly 3 mile loop that we did 4x.  She definitely helped me more than I helped her.  I had it in my head that I was doing 12 miles and come hell or high water I was going to help her get her long run in that she really wanted to and needed to put in.  She’s done so many races this year that at this point it’s really not fun, it’s about finishing the last two of them.  So a 12 mile run is even more daunting when you’re at that point and now we add in a moderately hilly course AND one mother hill at every lap end and there you have it….drudgery!  Even I who tries to make the most out of everything into fun, was feeling like I couldn’t wait for it all to be over today.  I was tired but because my buddy was pushing herself for me I kept going.  I decided that I would do her a favor which meant a compromise for me.  She was so good sticking it out and I wanted to help her take another step in the preparation department for the VT race that I suggested that instead of running the MOFO hill that we walk it.  I knew she would be good with that  and she could do it without exhausting her energy reserves too much so she could finish what we started.  I knew she wanted to so that’s exactly what we did and it was really quite challenging even just walking up that stupid hill.  But we did it and we did it twice and then we walked to recover.  It isn’t always about running when you’re training for a race.  Sometimes hills and walking are a good mix in too.  I”m really glad we tackled it that way.  We did mostly running but a few times one or both of us at different times needed a little break.  We stopped together becaust that’s what friends do.  They pick you up and push you on and help you to want to take that extra effort. I am grateful that I got one more run up that hill and on that course and with my friend.  It’s so much nicer with friends!  I’m tired now which tells me that those hills kicked my ass because if I were alone, not only would I stupidly have run that effing hill 2-3 times, I wouldn’t have stopped to walk.  I did that because Barbara was with me and I knew she’d help me be a smarter better runner on this course.  That is what friends do for eachother!   So it’s a great Sunday and I’ve accomplished a good amount all before the Pat’s game at 1:00.  I feel proud today.  It could have been flatter or shorter or just easier but it turned out perfectly.  Life is Good!  I have a half marathon on Sunday with my friend and then VT. Bring it on…I’m ready for the challenge!



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