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All You Need Is A Little Want To!

There’s something extremely empowering when you become the example, mentor, developer of someone’s love for working out.  It fills me up with such joy to see someone I’ve known for their entire life coming out to try a little fitness and to be doing it with me.  Now maybe it’s  because classes are free at the moment that is the reason she came but honestly I don’t care.  I invited my niece (childhood bff’s daughter) to come to spin tonight with me.  Part of me wanted to see how serious she was about getting in shape and part of me wanted company in spin class and an even deeper part of me wanted to light the fitness fire that might be smoldering way down inside that just needed a little breeze to spark up a bonfire!  She’s at a point where she feels out of shape and wants to drop some weight and tone up some parts.  That’s the time when you can influence someone the most because the want to is there.  She wants to, feels like she needs to and is making the effort to do it. All you need is a little want to and you can achieve anything in the world.  So tonight we did spin for the second time together and she stayed right with the class and never stopped.  I better watch out or her that little chickadee will be hard to keep up with soon!  Tonight class was hard!  I was literally dripping all over the ground and my bandana wasn’t helping keep the sweat from dripping down my face.  I was a sweaty hot mess and so hot that I whipped my shirt off and spun 2/3 of class in just my sports bra!  I feel like you have to adjust to that boldness gradually but I’m at the point where I just feel good enough that I’m not giving everyone around me that “Puke in your mouth” feeling when I bare it all.  Now, I’m no spring chicken but I feel like I work hard to be in decent shape and that it wouldn’t be like “OH MY GOD, look at that fat lady letting it all hang out!”  Like I said, all you have to do is get to the want it stage and you too will have big ol’ kahuna’s too!  So we finished class successfully, neither one of us fainted, puked or died which is good.  I am hoping that she and possibly her mom, my lifelong bff, will join the gym so I can have my own set of gym peeps.  Who knows.  All that matters is that I am helping her to want to work out and helping myself find a reason to work harder toward a better me!  Good things come to those who …..put forthe  the damn effort and make it happen!  I mean  to those who try.  LOL









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