Random Thoughts

And That’s That

One of the best things about my friend Barbara is that she tells you like it is. She won’t sugar coat shit and she doesn’t buy into whining and best of all, she calls me out when I need to snap my head back on straight.  I have spent the last few blogs whining as she puts it.  I can’t deny that because it’s the end of the year and the closer I get to this challenge race in VT, the less ready I feel.  The truth is I’m going to finish no matter what and it will be hard.  I will finish so that’s that.

I realized yesterday why my legs hurt so badly after my race and all signs pointed to needing new shoes.  So what did I do in record time at lunch yesterday?  I drove to the @newbalance outlet and grabbed me a nice new pair of kicks.  They are Seahawks colors which are my favorite tandem colors and they felt good.  I know you shouldn’t get new shoes so close to a race but I did and that’s that

I have spent a year including Tabata in my workout routine.  Some weeks more than others but at least once a week I work the core and the arms and even my legs.  My legs are run ready even though they could be stronger through squat challenges and leg presses but more of that will have to wait until next year when I redefine my goals and fitness.  One thing at a time and that’s that.

So be strong and have faith in all that you have  done and use that to motivate you to bigger and better things and for the love of god stop whining and just move forward!  And that’s that!




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