Random Thoughts

It’s How You Interpret Signs That Determines The Outcome

I am a person who believes in signs in a big way.  I think if you are open to them and looking for them, you will see them.  Choose to ignore them and be prepared for the fallout.  I do not however allow my openness to the reception of the visibility of signs to my mentality to control my behavior.  This weekend is my VT race.  We are leaving tomorrow to head up for Sundays race.  There have been things that have happened leading up to this point that if I were a superstitious person, would have me running from this event.  First one of the ladies in our little group hurt her foot.  Not good timing but I don’t see Karma hanging around laughing.  Now my friend Barbara pulled over on her way to work to get physically sick.  She’s now home in bed praying to feel better before we head up tomorrow.  Now we are at 2 events that although not detrimental and certainly not unusual, are in the heads of my ladies.  One of us mentioned that the race seems to be cursed. GREAT!  Now that thought is in my head.  Could that be true?  I suppose but I’m not holding my breath on that as a fact.  What if I were to dwell on it a little?  Could the great Lord above be sending signals that something bad is going to happen?  Maybe.  Bad things can happen at any time and I’m not stopping my life worrying about that.  Could there be a car accident, hotel fire, race day trauma?  Yes to all actually but I could be sitting in my work chair any given day and there could be a fire.  I could get into a car accident on my way home some day and I could fall and break my leg on any regular run.  Shit happens!  I choose to look forward to the race and believe that these obstacles that some of us are facing right now are perhaps signs that we needed to slow down and get more rest.  I choose to believe that this will be a great race BECAUSE of these events and that we will finish as very proud racing participants for the hardest race of our individual years.  I believe in signs and the way we choose to interpret them is really what drives the outcome in the end.



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