Random Thoughts

Now What?

Running season for me is officially over.  I have no more races to train for.    I have no more specific long runs.  I have no group runs pending.  I have no specific gym routines or classes that  I want to get in to prepare myself for.  ‘


As I headed out the door this morning at 5:15 for a run my husband wanted to know why I was running.  I didn’t have to and I only rested one day so why wasn’t I going to lay there in bed for a little longer he wondered.  I have the next 4 months provided I don’t get restless and impulsive to casually stroll through fitness at a leisurely pace.  Why head out as if it’s training season?  The answer is because I can and because I want to.  I must love it because yesterday I put together my winter fitness schedule that isn’t so light.  Something every day  with the exception that I built two rest days into each week.  For me that is light.  I want to hit the season running (no pun intended) next year so winter won’t be dull or light.  I like that I’m feeling so good after such a challenging course in VT.  It means I did my job training and even though I walked I was ready for that challenge.  I was ready for what I went there to do.  I did the prep and I am not crippled today.  I was ready.  So as I head into the 2018 running season with an empty slate I will be up for say a March half marathon, a new one for me, because I’ll work hard this winter to take on something so early.  I’ll be ready.

This picture is of me in VT.  I like it because it’s just me.  Me and my ambition, my dreams, myself.  I like it because this is how I now live my fitness life, for me by me and about me.  So although 2018 is not yet filled with anything, I’m working as if it is and I’m preparing myself for what may be a very challenging year.  It’s all up to me.  I ask myself “What Now?” and the answer is “Whatever you want!”





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