Random Thoughts


Why is it that a run seems so much easier when it’s with or for someone else?  Yesterday I did 3 miles at 5am but then got invited to do a Runch with my Bad Ass B Barbara.  I never even hesitated to accept the invitation because it made me proud to be invited and happy that I’d get a 2 fer in.  Now we ran the same route that I always run at lunch but today just felt easy.  Maybe it’s because I had someone to talk to who made me laugh for 30 mintes.  Maybe it was because for me it was a great slow pace that my legs didn’t complain about only having done the same thing just hours before.  Maybe it just didn’t matter because it wasn’t my run.  The sky was clear, the sun was out and for Nov 29th it was amazing to be out there putting up miles.  I’m approaching 900 miles for the year and that’s 200 more than I’ve ever run before.  Run the year may have been done in July but it motivated me in conjunction with a ton of  races to just keep running.  Keep getting out there.  I could have kept going if it weren’t for that stupid thing called a lunch HOUR.  Sadly it ended sooner that I would have liked but it made the rest of the day just awesome and that was a big thumbs up.



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