Random Thoughts

Why do we worry?

At any race I have ever run, I worry that I might not finish.  Now I know that I can.  I have in fact run the distance that I am racing may times over.  I am trained for the distance, I know how to fuel for the distance and yet that nagging thought runs through my head making me worry.  Why?

My youngest son earned his Eagle Scout rank last night.  The last step is a final Board of Review where you sit in a room in front of 3 officials high up in the Boy Scout ranks, a witness and one other person who takes pictures if they can.  They ask the candidate questions that can be anything from their years in scouting from knots, things about the laws that they recite each week to just about anything.  It’s the last step and it’s meant to make them nervous.  So many hours of earning badges and planning a final project and paperwork that pave the way to this moment.  They walk in that room a Boy Scout and walk out not just an Eagle, but a new person, a man, a very proud person.  They are led to believe all along that this is not a given thing.  They are taught that this is a test that must be passed.  They must be in full uniform, have their Scout book that has every I and T dotted and crossed along with their brag book.  Everything must be in its place and be perfect.  THEY must be perfect, they want to be perfect:

What they don’t know is that this interview, this final meeting is actually just a formality.  It’s meant as a lesson to them in life.  It’s intended to be a right of passage that they must pass through.  As unnecessary as this formality is, it is necessary.  It must take place.  There is no real question here and there is no reason to wonder or worry, but we do anyway.  My son was nervous as was his brother when it came time for this last step but there was no real need to be because they had done all the work to get there and that was the real test.

We worry and doubt gets in our heads all throughout life but the moral of the story is that if you do the hard work all along the way, the moment of truth is just a moment in time at the top of the proverbial mountain.





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