Random Thoughts

There Must Not Be Leftover Calories!

Ok, WTF!!!  I have decided that I have a caloric problem.  Here I am trying to dump 10 lbs and tonight I realized what the hell part of my problem is  I cannot stand to leave calories on the table.  Seriously!  I have done really well eating so good and tonight as I stuffed the 4th or 5th peppermint Hershey’s kiss in my face I realized that there was a calorie countdown going on in my head.  I was actually counting remaining calories to 0 and just how much I could consume before ending upside down for the day.  I literally was just going to keep eating and in fact I was thinking about what else I could eat until I got there.  OMG that is a huge problem!  I guess now that I am aware of it, I can fight off the urge but just WOW!  I mean i knew I did that but I never really thought deeply about it until now.  If I want to get rid of the 10 lbs I need to stop eating and leave whatever calories are unconsumed out there for the universe to absorb and return to me tomorrow.  I think I’m addicted to eating.  I mean who does that?  Maybe everyone but it seems like I should hear about it on the news tomorrow and every day going forward or something.  Well, tomorrow is a new day and I’ll try harder to just zip it and not inhale everything I can get my hot hands on. I must be strong!  Stay tuned!



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