Random Thoughts

New Inspiration!

I don’t know about any of you but I hate the boys section of the gym.  It’s not really a “MENS” section but it’s where all the muscleheads go.  I always feel intimidated by them like I don’t belong there or something.  No one ever says anything to me but I just feel self conscious like I’m not fit enough to be in there.  Well I am now becomming a regular part of that space.  I set my new year resolution and I’m determined to keep on track.  I also found a super inspirational person to follow besides the red headded wonder.  One of the girls I work with who sits in a different office is like the workout queen.  Not only is she the workout queen but she works out in the free weight section!  What she has done in a year is amazing!  I’m sort of addicted to keeping daily tabs on what she’s doing just to see what kind of variety I can put in my targeted muscle workouts.  I’m sure she stays at that gym way longer than me.  Usually at an hour I’m done but an hour and a half is my max gym tolerance.  I got stuff to do ya know? I’m no spring chicken and no one really cares but me.  The way I look at it, as long as I am doing something daily, that’s improvement.

I’m finding that sticking to muscle groups is harder than I thought because I was doing a little of everything before or just running.  So I’m mixing it up, targeting my 1 hour workouts, eating as much protein as I can fit in without going crazy and getting plenty of rest and drinking enough water most days.  This is a well rounded routine for me which makes me happy.  Tonight when I looked in the mirror at the gym, and maybe it was just the leggins, I thought my hips looked tighter than before.  That alone is worth it.  Motivating to keep me pushing throughout the year.  I haven’t really moved the scale down the 15 lbs that I want but we all know muscle is heavier than fat …blah blah.  Still gonna try to get there without starving myself.  One thing at a time.  One goal at a time.  One day at a time.

So for now I’ll keep watching Miss Nancy on Instagram



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