Random Thoughts

Ugh! That “P” Word Again

I almost died.  OK, I didn’t really almost die but it FELT like I was dying.  Yesterday I went for what would end up either a 1.25 mile run or a 3 mile run.  I had to stop every mile, I was tired and my throat, although it did not feel like it was on fire like the week before, had that ‘on the edge of bad things’ feeling.  I’m still fighting whatever moved into my head, chest and lungs and although today I feel better than I have in the last 9 days, I’m not 100% yet.  I had to sit…no lay down after

I finished my run yesterday.  I never feel so tired that I’m literally wiped out after a run.  Yesterday  I did though.  I haven’t been able to really work out and if it weren’t for the two workouts I’ve gotten in I would be really cranky.  I am pushing through when I can and all the while waiting for the feel better stage to arrive.  It might be tomorrow… I hope anyway.  I’m most bothered by being behind in training for my march race but Ive been running long enough to know I’ll catch up.  Patience is the name of the game and all my B’s confirmed it for me.  You must allow your body to heal or you will be waiting longer and longer to be ready to get back to the grind.  Yesterday it was very clear after my run that I must continue waiting just a little longer.  And so I wait.  Today I am not working out so that tomorrow I may spring into action.  The signs were super clear but if you aren’t paying attention you’ll end up working harder.  You have to understand what your body is telling you and be patient!  Something I’m not good at but am learning more about the longer I work out and the harder I try to stay on top of what good fitness means to me.  Although it feels like I’ll never get better, I will and I’ll be at the gym asap before i know it, as long as I’m patient.



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