Random Thoughts

You Know You Have a Problem When…

I seriously have a workout gear problem.  The minute  I see an Ad for new workout clothes I immediately get sidetracked.  If I see a friend post something about new workout clothes I find that I can move faster than the Acela getting over to that website to check it out. It’s worse than my pocketbook problem.  I don’t have a lot of work clothes in comparison to some ladies and I don’t keep a lot of shoe mates in my closet either but show me some cute outfit for running or going to the gym and I’m immediately drawn to see what they have.  I should have been born rich for all the gear that I want.

I’m already working it out in my head on how I can get to this store that I have been made aware of without tipping my husband off that I’m going.  I shouldn’t be spending money but I just can’t help myself.  I keep deleting all the Sparkle Skirt SALE ad’s because that is as an all time rediculous high when it comes to how many i own.  I said I would get just one and now I’m up to 5.  I don’t need any more running skirts especially at $75 a pop!  It’s a serious problem.  If I quit working out it would be just fine but I want the outfits therefore I run and workout as much as possible.  OK I don’t do that merely for the outfits but the outfits are a good strong reason why in part I run.  Gotta look good even if you don’t look outstanding.  I have no intention of ceasing my purchases but for now I have to keep them in check by not writing a check!  The colors and netting in strategic sexy places calls me.  The prints that are out of this world just sooth me like a siren.  The fabric that just makes me forget that I’m fat in places is like a drug that I want more of and let’s face it, when you feel good the thought that you also look sexy as hell (like this picture here which sadly is NOT me but I want it to be!)  is alluring and almost irresistable.  Sometimes it happens that I break down and buy myself too much stuff and that I don’t have any control over until my conscious self wakes the hell up and stops my maniacal side from doing some serious plastic damage.  A girl has to have a vice and mine is workout gear.  So sue me!  I like spandex!



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