Random Thoughts

Still Sick and Sick of Being Sick

So tonight it was 40 out and clear with no rain, snow or fog.  I decided to try to go for a run.  I took yesterday off and did nothing this moring so a run seemed perfectly timed.  I geared up and layered up and planned to go slow which was probably all I was going to be able to do anyway.  Off I went and right away my legs decided to initiate lead mode which was fine by me since I really didn’t plan on much beyond a slow trot.  This sickness has kicked my ass.  Two days ago I did some leg exercises, good ones for a home workout I’d say.  Then I rode my  stationary for 30 minutes like I always do.  Like I always do, I turned the resistance up then down then up and down again.  This is what I usually do and in fact, I didn’t do the stand up with higher resistance but once where I usually do it 3-5 times.  All in all I felt like it was an okay workout.  When I sat down in bed for the night I could hardly keep my eyes open.  My body felt so tired, almost too tired in my opinion.  I felt like I didn’t earn the state of fatigue that I was feeling but clearly Mr. Sickness was the reason why my moderate workout felt more like a semi intense one.  Funny how being sick can change how hard something can be.  I can still hear some wheezing when I take a deep breath in and the cold air makes me cough not to mention the cold air still drags down my throat like rubbing a rug against the grain.   It doesn’t “hurt” but it simply is rough.  So I continue to be grateful for what I am able to do and I still refrain from doing two fers or pushing workouts harder because I know I just have to wait and be patient.  3 miles is 3 miles no matter how slow or hard it is and no matter how frustrating it is waiting for it all to just get better.  Until tomorrow.



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