Random Thoughts

Unwelcomed & Unwanted Surprises

So get this!  Tonight I had every intention…every intention of going out for a run after work.  Now I started out wanting to go to the gym but I forgot my ear buds so I went home.   Once I’m home I’m SO not motivated to go to the gym so I thought to myself that I’d layer up, cover my face and trot 3 miles.  I stayed home just long enough for my conscience to get the best of me by convincing me that 26 degrees was too cold as I’m trying to heal my lungs.  Sooooo I just kicked my ass and went to the gym.  At the gym I tried a new routine.  It went a little like this:  Run a mile at 5.0 speed flat incline.  Then I headed into the Boys section and for the first time I braved using their machines.  I used the leg press machine first.  I tested it out with the 45 plate that was on there and that was just way too heavy.  So I put 25’s on each side and did 5 sets of as many reps as I could in 30 seconds.  It was hard but not super strenuous or straining on my knee but I did have to adjust how far down I brought my legs so I wasn’t straining anything nor compromising my muscles or ligaments. Next I did the squat machine.  It’s just the opposite of the leg press machine except you’re squatting.  Again, I used 25 lb plates on each side and did the same number of reps as before. 

Now I went back to the DM and when I started running my right quad convulsed at the start of my run.  It was super wierd but it leveled off pretty quick and felt ok.  I definitely could tell that tomorrow my legs will be bitching about that little escapade but tough shit I need to work my legs.  I’m not getting nearly enough running in so I have to work harder at other things in the mean time.  Where the FUCK is Spring!!!!???  So I did my mile again but I kept the speed at 4.9 to allow my legs to jog off the stress.  That mile was what I would consider cautious.  I got off the DM and then did some core work.  Sit ups, oblique dips and twists with a plate Tabata style 1 minute work, 30 seconds rest for 3 reps.  Lastly I got back on the DM and ran my final mile at 5.0 which I gradually increased after the half mile mark to 5.8 to finish.  I feel like I worked tonight and I didn’t go out in the cold and I didn’t run 3 miles consecutively nor did I push how hard I was running into the 5.8-6.0 range which is where I can go when I’m so motivated to move my ass.

Now, I’m sitting at my kitchen table and my legs are adequately tired as I would expect them to be given how I worked them.  What I didn’t expect was the burning in my chest just sitting here.  With each breath in it hurts down where the flu usually takes hold of you for a few days.  How is it that that can be?  I tried really hard to work hard but not too hard.  I didn’t run outside breathing cold air which is what this feels like.  I didn’t go crazy running either so why the hell does my chest hurt?  I’ll tell you why…. because my fucking lungs are not cooperating.  I’m being a good girl and they are not playing nice in my sandbox.  I’m so not happy right now!  Maybe after a night of rest and no talking or mouth breathing I’ll feel better.  All I know is that it’s still not over and I’m still not better.  More waiting…



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