Random Thoughts


Valentines Day…. the day I spend my morning decorating and making special heart shaped pancakes, signing cards of love for my whole family and allowing chocolate before breakfast!  There is no time for running or working out in the morning on this day.  I decided I might run at lunch but then got all pissed off because someone said something stupid to me and then my intended lunch run turned into an “after work long-ass gym workout until well after I normally would have come home” workout.  I figured if they are dumb enough to say stupid things, then Fuck you asshole, I’m not making you dinner and I’m not going to come right home so I can recall the thing that made me mad and then spiral to the “why don’t I get ….” which always ends up putting me in bad places anyway.  But a short delay in my departure from work changed my attitude and I went home to attempt a street run.  Now my street runs have been, as you may have read recently, less than acceptable to my normal standards.  I wasn’t expecting much but I went out with no agenda or time goal.   I went out just to jog my way  for a while figuring I’d just eventually make my way back home.

Off I went.   Now the first thing that catches my attention is that I don’t feel like I’m carrying a moose on my back.  My legs feel better and less heavy and other than what feels like a hip strain I feel pretty happy.  I also notice that my throat isn’t aching or on fire from mouth breathing.  Well that’s a first in a few weeks and when I got home I wasn’t raspy and my chest didn’t hurt.  So I am making an executive decision that I’m on the upswing from being sick.  That is a very good thing.  It wasn’t fast at ALL …10.5 minute miles for me is like super slow but it’s where I need to be right now.  I’m just happy that I feel better.  Part of my problem is the lack of core I haven’t done since I got sick.  Weak core= harder run. Period.  As the weather breaks to something more than 30 my outside runs will increase and every thing just goes up.  Now play the video and while you’re dancing around tapping your foot you’ll know just how happy I am right now!







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