Random Thoughts

Thanks For Always Being My Cheerleader!

On Friday, James wrestled his last match.  He lost both but was wrestling hurt.  He got hurt a lot in this last month and part of him was mentally done with it all.  All of it is now nothing but a memory and when it was over he felt it and I felt it too. You can’t really say the right words to console someone as the impact and emotion of the end of something important to them ends. You can say the right words but the moment needs to happen and you have to let it pass. I hugged my sweaty beautiful son with a ball in my throat because I was sad it was over too. I was sad that I would never see him step on the mat again. As I hugged him he said “Thanks for always being my cheerleader” but I thought to myself,  James, the real cheerleader in my heart is you!  He’s always encouraging me and telling me I can do stuff and always is proud of whatever I do.  He’s especially wonderful when I’m running.  Yesterday I went for a run with my son.  So slow was I.  10:30 slow  and in some places slower because we walked.  It was just a bad day to run as it is every month during this time.  Slow, heavy legs and an attitude that struggles to stay positive.  I finished and it didn’t matter the time because neither one of us cared that it was slow.  He was so quick compared to me because he’s been doing stairs for wrestling all season so he’s not winded.  He was trotting along cheering me the enire way, my Wingman James.  “come on mama!” he shouts.  “we’re almost there mama!”.  the entire way.  He was a good running buddy for me, he always is.  He’s a good sport and he doesn’t quit.  He’s human and gets tired and isn’t afraid to feel tired if he is.  My kind of partner over someone who pretends like nothing bothers them.  With wrestling season over, he knows that now as he ends his high school days where he’s always busy and active  that he needs to do something to proactively keep moving.  It’s not the first time he’s willingly run with me.  Most times it’s on his bike but yesterday it was running.  He pushed me along as I struggled and he didn’t seem to even be winded, probably because that pace is like walking LOL.  He didn’t complain.  He never complains when we’re out. The truth is that HE’s MY cheerleader! He makes me push harder, believes in me when I’m struggling, fills me with laughter when I need it on the road and in life.  His hugs squeeze hard times right out of you and he’s just fun to be with.  Let fishing begin!
What an amazing ride it has been buddy! Thank you for taking me along on this special and emotionally driven ride through all of your accomplishments, success’, losses and all of it! Thank you for always telling me I can and for trying so hard that it makes me try hard too.  You are always one of my greatest inspirations and my happiness. 



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