Random Thoughts

Running Gives Me My Bad Ass Attitude!

There’s just something about running that makes you feel amazing.  It’s like putting on Iron Man’s suit and taking on the bad guys!  It doesn’t matter the day or time.  It doesn’t matter what day of the week either, it just gives me this crazy powerful feeling when I run.  Now truth be told, it does matter if you just ate or what time of the day only matters if it’s after work because all that food and sitting has built up so it’s harder but it still feels awesome.  It matters if you’re sick or tired or sick and tired.  It matters if you’re doing something hard like stupid hills.  Yes, there are a lot of things that do matter and effect the overall mental success of a run but in general running makes me happy and strong.  Maybe I have just missed running a lot lately.  The winter this year sucked!  I couldn’t get outside to run much at all outside the few times I went out in the freezing cold.  I wasn’t a fan of the cold running this year for whatever reason.  I also didn’t always get to the gym.  My core workouts dropped significantly making any outside running I was able to get in, extra hard.  It was super cold and gross out and overall I am happy to be on the downside of winter.  When I finish an outside run I feel a little invincible like some bad ass but not really like Zena warrior princess /Lara Croft Tomb Raider combo.  Being a whole lot less girlie than most women, I would rather say I feel like a combination between Kaulder the last Witch Hunter (yep I did like that movie as corny as it was) and Jack Reacher who is just an awesome bad ass…. maybe throw a little Jason “I refuse to die” Bourne in there for good measure.  What can I say, I’ve never been a powder puff girl.  S0me days when I finish a run I feel like there should be bad ass music playing letting everyone know that I have completed yet another amazing task that no other mortal being in my relative vacinity has dared to attempt.  I feel like Thor looking around for someone….anyone like “hey Bitch, that’s right! ‘m a runner”  Now this of course is a far cry from the sweaty aching out-of-breath and sometimes hamstring throbbing body that shows up in my driveway but hey a girl can use her imagination can’t she!?  I realize that my meager 3 mile average these days is minute in the grand scheme of accomplishments but I don’t care.  They are my 3 miles and I”m proud of every one!

How does running make you feel and which superhero action character would you choose to represent you when you run?



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