Random Thoughts

What Do We Do Now?….

I hate fat Brenna. Since this effing winter set in I havev cut back on the two-fer workouts that I was doing, started picking when I’m cooking, eating large calorie snacks and not just one snack….like 3!  It’s no  big deal I tell myself but my waist tells me it’s a big deal.  My scale confirms that I’m slowing down and fat Brenna is closing the gap.  No Bueno!  It was no Bueno when I was down to 150 lbs and still losing while running and running and running.  That’s as dangerous as slowing all that shit down. Where the fuck is my happy medium??!!  I feel like success is found ing the extremes but it’s unhealthy success.  So today I feel like I had a much better success in eating.  Bowl of Rasin Bran for breakfast and I didn’t drink all the milk.  Break was a bunch of granola which isn’t super awesome but I didn’t have it with yogurt, a banana and maybe another snack so that’s a breakthrough.  no other snacks.  I got home and did 50 minutes of light core exercise then 34 minutes of light bike riding on the stationary.  Now what to make for dinner….. hmmm I could eat leftover chicken and make stir fry…too much work.  Now I’m leaning to another bowl of cereal merely out of convenience.  Why doesn’t anyone ever cook anything for me?  So the container of steel cut oats that I bought for overnight oats practically threw themselves at me.  OH!  What a good idea that sounded like so I split the liquid between water and milk and added vanilla (smart right?) and I did cook two servings but that’s only a cup… who the hell can survive the night on a half a cup of steel cut cooked oats anyway?  So blah!  So what can I do to make this better?  Well first this apple propositioned me to be the fun in my dinner.  Ok, that sounds good.  Then what goes with apples I ask?  Why Cinnamon and a packet of splenda of course!  Now that hit the spot and maybe it will hit the spot in the morning too.  So day 1 of new eating habits seemed to be a success.  One day at a time.  Next I need to look at my weight training and see where improvements can be made.  I might have to resort to Youtube to find something fun and fast that makes me sweat my ass off.  I’m a big fan of non sweating light weight many reps kind of stuff.  I don’t want to build muscle just tone.  I’m going to have to do different stuff to whip it into shape I think.  Time to roll up the sleeves and punch fat Brenna right in the mouth and extend the gap again!  I’m going to…..



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