Random Thoughts

What’s Unacceptable To Me But Probably Needed.

This 30 degree morning shit has to go!  You know what else has to go?  My lazy ass “I don’t want to go out in the cold” attitude! A year ago I was out in 30 degrees and also in 25 degrees without thinking twice about it.  These days I just don’t want to do it and in fact I’ll go two days with no workout over just layering up and heading out.  Boy my workout routine is back to 0 so it’s at the starting block again because I got lazy.  That to me is UNACCEPTABLE.

What’s UNACCEPTABLE is also the weather!  Where in the hell is Spring anyway?  Usually by now mornings are at least pushing 45-50 which is way better than 33 or below.  I’m not sure what the heck Mother Nature is thinking but we’re all done with her little temper tantrum freezing spring episode. The crocus are horrified, I’m freezing and I’ve found 20lbs that I had lost.  I watch my husband who has had a burst of energy to stay fit doing his 100 pushup a day challenge and I know I’d struggle right now to do more than 10.  I might have even slipped back to the realm of girlie pushups from my knees. 

Learning to cut what I’m eating again is also UNACCEPTABLE.  With fewer workouts, the amount of calories I can consume is much less but my brain is still on the “it’s ok to take a bite here and a bite bite there” mentality from the days of working out every single day for like 45 days without a rest day.  I need to get back to that and I will soon enough because I’m hell bent on getting there.  I feel like I should be wearing this hoodie around until I get back to where I want to be!  I love @RealBluntBlonde !  Sometimes crass but always funny as hell and pretty much says what we’re all thinking as we strive for tight butt cheeks!  You can actually buy this shirt at the Chubby Girl Fitness Store HERE.

Although I  am bitching about this over resting, my body probably is appreciating it.  In the last 7 years I’ve really hit the workout scene hard.  It’s helped me physically cope with some pretty fucked up shitty stressful moments.  It’s helped me mentally work through things.  It’s helped me plug myself back into society.  It’s helped me find good friends and most of all it’s helped me find me.  That is ACCEPTABLE because I spent a really long time lost and nearly let it all just have me.  My body absorbed so much stress and took such a beating that as fat as I’m feeling right now and as gross as I look compared to the much fitter me a year or so ago, my body is getting rest.  I’m 48 soon to be 49 years old. My head feels 25 but I know my body can’t be treated the way my mind feels.  Not exactly anyway.  It needs to be rested more and stressed hard less.  I know this down time is good for me. Maybe God made winter awful this year to help me rest.  I’d like to think that’s what it is even if it isn’t.  I just miss going at it every day but I’ll get back there soon.

Till then….



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