Random Thoughts

Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day

These pictures have become the weekly bain of my existence. Weekly progress photos as I progress through this Fighter Diet program.  Don’t get me wrong, I like seeing progress but it’s incremental and I’m anxious to see major results.  All I see some days is a big butt, cheese legs with a side of back rolls looking back at me.  I’m proud that I’ve stepped up my workouts and I’m working hard most days for sure but the improvements are so minor that when the scale says +3lbs I get a little discouraged.  I’m in better shape than a lot of the people doing this challenge but I’ve been working out longer.  I’m trying to take my own advice which I would give to anyone and that is to be patient and just keep going.  It’s like anything really, like growing up and not seeing daily changes in my kids but one day I would look at them and all of a sudden WOW they found their adult bodies / faces. It’s going to be like that I figure so it’s just a waiting game.  I’ll tell you what’s hard… what’s hard is posting these pics for the entire challenge community to look at and judge.  There’s a hard pill to swallow for sure but I did it.  Who really cares…no one.  So as I am about to plan and put together my meal for tomorrow I’ll try and keep in mind that patience is a virtue and the scale does not rule my world.

HAPPY RUNNING!   KEEP GOING!                                                       






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