Random Thoughts

My Thoughts on Progress Photos

Ok, so up until this point, I would not have encouraged myself or anyone to take, post or even admit to progress photos.  I felt like it was discouraging and depressing to bother and I hated looking at myself in the mirror quite frankly.  I started the Fighter Diet on July 11th and this program invites participants to take and submit progress photos.  Now you don’t have to but A) you don’t have an opportunity to win the prize at the end of the challenge if you don’t submit weekly progress photos.  B) how can you actually see progress that is so incremental that the scale nor your clothes report it right away if at all depending on what you’re working toward.  So I reluctantly sent in my week 1 pictures… then I stalked and judged everyone else’s pics and compared myself to them.  Maybe to feel better about myself or maybe just to feel a little less insecure about what I actually look like.  I mean after all it’s hard looking at pictures of yourself scantily clothed and be objective.  So I did it knowing I would have to look at it.  Low and behold every week since I started the program I have seen visible improvements when I look at my side by side pics and especially when I compare them to my before pics.  Every week I say the same thing to myself “I don’t know why I’m posting, there won’t be any changes” and every week there are.  I am speechless but motivated to keep going.  There’s nothing more motivating then seeing progress.  I’m especially interested in seeing pics in the coming weeks because I’m doing my own rather intense workout program that focuses on one body part per day per week.  My son is helping me with that and as much as I struggle with doing abs once a week I’m trusting that this process is going to work.  Stay tuned!



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