Random Thoughts

Now and then you gotta take a day

An unplanned day of rest.  Sometimes it happens.  Like today.  I feel that summer cold hanging over me, I’ve sneezed a half dozen times and I only sneeze when I’m getting sick.  My throat is scratchy along with my eyes and the friggin post nasal drip is bogus!  So those were the initial reasons for skipping tonight’s scheduled dreadmill run (because it’s 10,000 degrees outside), although I might go downstairs in my house of Hades and ride my bike.  It’s a little cooler down there.  That would get me moving, avoid missing my “workout” if it can be considered a workout by pedaling so easy you don’t sweat. Jury is out on that one.  Usually my off days these days are Saturdays. I alternate running and targeted weight training 6 days a week these days.  I usually eat super healthy but tonight I stuffed an obscene amount of ice cream in me because I was hot.  Now, I think I stayed within my macros since I didn’t eat everything I had planned today, however, a giant cup of ice cream really isn’t helping train my body to get used to a negative sugar balance.  I’m too old to really care much but I do want to live longer than my natural father who just died  at like 73.  Not a sad thing to me, so don’t feel bad for me.  I haven’t spoken to him in 30 years because he was an A-SS-HO-LE just like the song says.  Whatever, I just want to look OK and I want my doctors to leave me alone which is why I keep the junk food (barring today’s binging) to a minimum.  Anyway it’s not the plan at this very moment in time to move from this spot for anything right now.  I know my body is not 100% which means that if I go crazy tonight I’ll only push back my disposition tomorrow and be down another day so chances are I’m staying right here and I’m totally ok with it.  The other reason I’m not stressing over it is that I’m not in training really even though someone I know signed up for a race that I said I’d do with them but never signed up for.  I got bagged yesterday so now I need to do it or I”ll just look like a shit.  So technically I am in training but only in my head until I actually sign up for the race like I said I would.  Even if I was all legit with signing up, I would still most likely take tonight as an unscheduled day off so tomorrow I can go running in the morning because we are going to the Red Sox game at night.  So my long winded point is that it’s ok to take additional days off once in a while to recover.  It’s all good.



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