About This Blog

I am a Wife and mother of 3 wonderful children.  I found my desire to run from a personal rock bottom and I chose to fight my way back!  Running has become part of who I am and has changed the way I handle things.  I have learned a lot about myself and what I am capable of each and every day.  Running quite literally saved my life and my mind from a place that I used to say was just an excuse to quit.  A place that some ignored and others took advantage of.  A place where no person should visit.  Running is my therapist, my outlet, my infusion of life.  On days where I feel it that old feeling of helplessness creeping up on me- I run.  On days where I feel great – I run.  On days when I have just a little bit of time – I run.  Rain, Shine, Snow, Cold, Hot, Day, Night – I run.   Running is now part of who I am and I am so proud of the distance I have traveled because of it.  So proud that I pulled myself back to enjoy this wonderful and rewarding joy that one can only understand by doing it.  Life may not go my way today or tomorrow but through running and my family I see things differently and take on things that I never EVER thought I would.  Writing this blog started when I signed up for my first half marathon last year.  I thought I would share my journey and struggle as I prepared for all 69,168 feet that now seem so very achievable.  They did not seem achievable the day I pressed the button and registered.  LOL.  Now it is a little like therapy that I enjoy very much.

I hope if you have stopped by my blog that you stay. Connect with me on Twitter @SteelMonarch and share your journey too!


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