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My Idea of Fun!

So these days I look forward to runs because I’m not in training.  I can run whatever I want and mostly I choose to run 3 miles because it’s fast, easy and enough to make me feel like I did something.  Today it was 25 degrees so I layered up probably just shy of too many layers but it was ok.  I headed out knowing they were running the Frosty Half Marathon which goes right past the end of my neighborhood on two sides.  I wasn’t sure I’d see the beginning or any runners at all since it was past 8 o’clock.  When I got to the end of my street one of the race volunteers laughed and told me to join the race and run in the other direction.  I giggled and told her I would be first….yeah for about 5 minutes until they caught up to me!  So down the road I go and there are cop cars with their lights on which tells me  they haven’t started yet.  BONUS!  I’ll see the beginning of the race and maybe i’ll stop to cheer.  When I see the first runner I decide I’m not stopping to cheer…. I”m running right through the crowd of runners cheering and hollering and giving high 5’s to everyone and that is exactly what I did!  It was so much fun!  Everyone smiled and gave me a high 5 back and I like to think I helped start their race off on the right foot.  The penalty for screaming and running and high fiving is that I lost my breath control for most of the rest of the way home, but it was worth it!  I wish I had my Frosty Half hat on today because then it would have at least told them that I was a fellow Frosty alum but no one cares anyway so it’s all good fun.  I can’t help myself when it comes to being excited and animated.  I’m not very grown up for my age but I wouldn’t change a thing.  My son tells me that I need to tone it down at his wrestling matches too.  I’m not real good at being quiet but why should I be?  I’m animated and loud and sarcastic and funny and that’s what I like best about me.  I’ve passed the time where I care what people think of me.  I’m past trying to make other people happy all the time.  I’ve learned to love life, people and the moments in life, like today, that become something you hold on to.  If you get the chance, run through a pack of runners in a race cheering.  It’s a refreshing and somewhat exhilarating experience that shakes out the ordinary in a day.


Off Season Workouts

A Good Bad Week

Since the off season and this crazy snow arrived, I have not run more than 3 miles.  I set my off season limit to 3 for whatever the reason and called it a day.  Last week was not the best week I’ve had.  Two running days including Friday and no weights.  Not as successful as I would have liked but not a complete failure either.  It’s better than no workouts right?!

Friday I headed to the gym to meet my daughter who I somewhat guilted into running with me.  I guess I just wanted company.  I hit the DM and waited for her…and waited and ran….and waited and ran.  She hit traffic and a friend emergency and never showed up.  I ran and ran and ran. DM I knew when I hit 3 miles that I wasn’t done.  I hadn’t run out whatever i needed to so I kept running.  Somewhere just over the 30 minute mark which represents just about half way for me I decided to just run the clock out.  For those of you who use the DM when you set it manually it starts at 60 minutes and counts down to 0 with a cooldown.  I am not sure if I was waiting just in case she showed up or running it out or just trying harder but I finished the entire hour.  YAY!  6 miles which I haven’t done in a while and did a little pushing to get through.  I think my legs even though they were a bit sore, thanked me for working them and I felt happy.

Yesterday I decided to abuse myself in the home gym and did a self created circuit training with the addition of a couple of core exercises that my son recommended.  One of the exercises was to get in push up position and take your right leg and curl it under and across your body then bring it out to the opposite and normal side.  Then do the other side.  He told me to do 20 each side but those were horrible and I could only do half of what he suggested.  My upper body is a bit out of the shape it was in when I was weight training regularly.  I have work to do which I will do when I get home.  So here’s what I accomplished yesterday x 3 cycles through all:

  • 10 minutes on the eliptical- 1 minute fast, 1 minute recovery for the duration
  • 10 alternating hammer curls  (ea)
  • 10 lateral raises  (ea)
  • 10 front shoulder raises (ea)
  • 10 reverse flys  (ea)
  • 50 sit ups on exercise ball with feet off the floor
  • 10 oblique crunches (ea) sitting on the exercise ball x 5
  • 10 forward lunges  (ea)
  • 10 squats
  • 10 alternating leg cross / side core strengthening moves (LOL)
  • 10 alternating medicine ball sit twists with 8 lb ball

Not bad for made up and definitely not bad for the off season.  Now to keep it up and slide a few into the weekly routine.  Not too hard with my kids having drama practice nearly every night through May… Hard to have an excuse when you all alone!  I for one will be glad when the roads are again visible and I can get out there and commune with the pavement and just my own thoughts.